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Cristiano Ronaldo launches book

Cristiano Ronaldo launches book

Twenty two year old Cristiano Ronaldo considered one of the most flamboyant players in the world has just launched his new book Moments in London.

The dark glasses he sported at the launch of the book though was probably more out of necessity rather than a style statement.

A deep gash, courtesy an elbow to the face in the Champions League match versus AS Roma on Wednesday is what the dark glasses were meant to hide at the launch of Ronaldo's book launch.

The Manchester United striker is part of the new breed of footballers who don't shy away from promoting themselves whether it is a TV channel dedicated to them or writing tell all books.

"It's ok, it's just four or five days and then I will be still beautiful again," said Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United and Portugal.

Beautiful is probably the last word that came to English football fan's minds when they thought of Ronaldo just last year.

He was branded enemy number one for his controversial role in England's world cup exit. And Ronaldo's book release is being seen by many as a blatant attempt to promote brand Ronaldo in a still hostile England.

Apart from Manchester United supporters Ronaldo is still booed in stadiums across the country, but Ronaldo has stuck it out ignoring a very lucrative offer of close to 80 million Euros from Real Madrid.

"I think it is the right club for me because I think I learned a lot and I'm thinking the same now. I think it's the right club for me, not just the club, the people, the players, supporters, I think this will be fantastic for me," Ronaldo added.

Those words will no doubt be music for Sir Alex Fergusson's ears, considering that Ronaldo was an intrinsic part of United clinching the Premiere League title for the ninth time.

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Ronaldo modelling

Pepe Jeans

Will Cristiano Ronaldo bring in the double win for Manchester United this season?

Cristiano Ronaldo is dreaming of winning the double for Manchester United - the Premiership and the UEFA Champions League. The Portuguese football icon and the star player of Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo is proud to have led his team to the Premiership title and Champions League semi-finals last season. His team missed winning the double by a breath of a match. This season, the fantastic midfielder is all set to lead his team Manchester United a step further to the coveted double win.