segunda-feira, 10 de setembro de 2007

Cristiano Ronaldo: Fergie is one yell of a boss


Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed that Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson often yells at him during the team’s half-time teamtalks.

Despite being regarded as the best player in the team, the Portugese winger insists he receives no special treatment when it comes to escaping the anger of his manager.

“Alex Ferguson shakes me up and screams at me now and again,” he told The Sun. “He is like my mother or my father. He sets my limits and my aims.

“People say he is less explosive than before but he can still get angry.

“He has often shouted at me during half-time, but always to make progress. He is fair.”

After a successful Premiership season, Ronaldo also believes Ferguson has vindicated his u-turn decision not to retire from football management and instead stay in the game.

“Everybody said he was past it, that the team could not win the Premiership,” Ronaldo said. “But, as he predicted, the team gained in maturity, consistency and balance.

“All the players scored this year and Ferguson knew that was going to happen. He has always been in control.

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