domingo, 9 de setembro de 2007

Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani and Anderson to escape fine over sex party romp

Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani and Anderson are set to avoid a large fine by Man Utd after it was revealed that the trio had a wild orgy with five prostitutes.

Free Image Hosting at The Times says Juliana Baltrusch, a 24-year-old Brazilian prostitute, who works for Mckenzies escort agency in Leeds, and two of her colleagues have claimed that they attended a party at Ronaldo’s £3 million Cheshire home with Nani and Anderson and two other prostitutes after Manchester United’s 1-0 victory against Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Me and Ronaldo’s friend had sex in one of the bedrooms. When we finished 20 minutes later, we walked next door to find Hollie and Yasmina having a foursome with Nani and Anderson. Everyone seemed to be watching.”

Juliana said she went back to the pool with Ronaldo’s friend where they had sex again.

“Afterwards we went back upstairs and accidentally walked in on Ronaldo. He was lying there completely naked next to Hannah. They had finished and I thought, ‘Oh my God, what an incredibly well-built man…in every sense!’”

Free Image Hosting at “Nani had his top off - he looked so fit, just leaning back with his arms stretched over the back of the sofa. From the looks on their faces you could tell they had been looking forward to us arriving but first they sat us down and said, ‘Make sure you keep your mouths shut about all this. You must never tell anyone what we are about to do’.

Then they added with a laugh, ‘Yeah, secrecy’s really important - if the boss (Sir Alex) finds out he’ll hit the roof’.

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